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[参考资料] Mentor Program for Alumni and MBA candidates of BiMBA [复制链接]

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发表于 2009-8-7 23:15:28 |显示全部楼层

    * Do you want to share your successful experience and advanced method in career with young schoolmates?
    * Do you want to contribute to Alma Mater by guiding young fellows?
    * Do you want to help young schoolmates for job hunting?
    * Do you want to establish a network with the alumni?

After graduation from BiMBA, you must have lots of feelings and inspiration on your career development path.  Every story of your life could be a valuable experience for young MBA students. In the Mentor Program, you are encouraged and welcome to share them with us. A home-like, self-oriented and efficient communication platform is our goal to build among you and your young schoolmates.

What is MP?

Mentor Program for Alumni and MBA candidates is a program for connecting the full time MBA students with the graduated schoolmates. We would like to set up a net-work for all the MBA students.  

What does MP do?

Once you become a mentee in the program, you will have a mentor from our mentor pool. And the communication style is totally free. You can either by email, or by phone-call, or by MSN messenger, or any convenient way for your both. When you have a flexible time, you can even invite other MP group to join with you guys for dinner or party! We wish this relationship could be more than mentorship, but friendship.

What will BiMBA do?

    * BiMBA Career development department will award Mentor a certificate, to recognize your contribution for BiMBA.
    * Career Development Department will organize two group activities for Mentor Program: a kickoff meeting for all the mentors and mentees and a small party in the end for one year.
    * By the year end, we will collect all the mentees’ assessing form and evaluate our Mentor Program for a whole year.


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