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外贸单证常用英语词汇(2) [复制链接]

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<font size=3><b>第三: inquiry 询盘</b> </font><br>
<font size=3><br>
1. general inquiry 一般询盘 <br>
2. specific inquiry 具体询盘 <br>
3. dealer 商人 <br>
4. quotation 报价 <br>
5. sales department 销售部 <br>
6. purchase 购买 <br>
7. enquiry 询价 <br>
8. quote 开价 <br>
9. sample 样品 <br>
10. a long-term contractt 长期合同 <br>
11. discount 折扣 <br>
12. grant 批准 <br>
13. to make an inquiry for sth 对某物询价 <br>
14. to keep the inquiry on file 把询价记录在卷 <br>
15. to inquiry for sth 对某物询价 <br>
16. to inquiry about sth 询问某事 <br>
17. process 加工 <br>
18. guarantee, guarantor 保证, 保证人 <br>
19. delivery 交货 <br>
20. port of delivery 交货港 <br>
21. time of delivery 交货期 <br>
22. prompt delivery 即期交货 <br>
23. to effect delivery 办理交货 <br>
24. to make delivery 办理交货 <br>
25. to postpone delivery 推迟交货 <br>
26. to deliver sth to sb 把某物交付给某人 <br>
27. shipment 装船 <br>
28. to make shipment 装船 <br>
29. to receive shipment 接货 <br>
30. partial shipment 分批装船 <br>
31. prompt shipment 即期装运 <br>
32. time of shipment 装运期 <br>
33. offer 报盘报价 <br>
34. a firm offer 实盘 <br>
35. a counter offer 还盘 <br>
36. to accept an offer 接受报盘 <br>
37. to extend an offer 延长报盘 <br>
38. to renew an offer 更新报盘 <br>
39. to withdraw an offer 撤消报盘 <br>
40. the validity of an offer 报盘有效期 <br>
41. to make an offer 报价 <br>
42. to offer firm 报实盘 <br>
43. to offer subject to final confirmation 报盘以最后确认为准 <br>
44. specialize in 专门经营 <br>
<b>第四:Counter offer 还盘 </b><br>
</b>1. counter offer 还盘 <br>
2. enjoy great popularity 享有盛誉 <br>
3. ready seller; quick seller; quick-selling product 畅销品 <br>
4. conclude business with sb. 与某人达成交易 <br>
5. close business, close a deal , close a transaction, close a bargain 达成交易 <br>
6. trade terms 贸易条件 <br>
7. trade agreement 贸易协定 <br>
8. trade fair 交易会 <br>
9. trade mark 商标 <br>
10. foreign trade对外贸易 <br>
11 trade in sth 经营某物 <br>
12. trade with sb.与某人交易 <br>
13. favourable price 优惠价格 <br>
14. favourable terms 优惠条件 <br>
15. quotation 行情 <br>
16. discount quotation 贴现行情 <br>
17. exchange rate quotation外汇行情 <br>
18. commission 佣金 <br>
19. a commission of....%; ....% commission.百分之几佣金 <br>
20. your ..% commission你的百分之几佣金 <br>
21. The above price includes your commission of 2%.上述价格包括你方2%佣金. <br>
22. general practice 惯例 <br>
23. accept an order 接受订单 <br>
24. cancel an order 撤消订单 <br>
25. confirm an order 确认订单 <br>
26. execute an order 履行订单 <br>
27. a back order 尚未执行的订单 <br>
28. a fresh order 新订单 <br>
29. a repeat order 续订订单 <br>
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