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外贸单证常用英语词汇 [复制链接]

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<font size=3><b>第一</b><b>:General Terms </b></font><br>
<font size=3>1. establishing business relation-建立业务关系 </font><font size=3> </font><font size=3>2. inquiry-询盘 <br>
3. offer-报盘 <br>
4. counter offer-还盘 <br>
5. quantity-数量 <br>
6. packing-包装 <br>
7. time of shipment-装运期 <br>
8. price-价格 <br>
9. discount-折扣 <br>
10. terms of payment-支付条款 <br>
11. insurance-保险 <br>
12. commodity inspection-商品检验 <br>
13. acceptance-接受 <br>
14. signing a contract-签订合同 <br>
15. claim-索赔 <br>
16. agency-代理 <br>
17. commission-佣金 <br>
18. exclusive sales-包销 <br>
19. joint venture-合资企业 <br>
20. compensation trade-补偿贸易 <br>
21. processing and assembling trade-加工装配贸易 <br>
22. the terms of international trade-国际贸易术语 </font><br>
<font size=3><b>第二</b><b>:Establishing business relation </b><b>建立业务关系</b><b> </b> </font><br>
<font size=3>1. recommendation 推荐、介绍 <br>
2. inform 通知 <br>
3. enter into business relations 建立业务关系 <br>
4. catalogue 目录 <br>
5. for your reference 供您参考 <br>
6. specific inquiry 具体询价 <br>
7. promptly 立即 <br>
8. representative 代表 <br>
9. chamber of commerce 商会 <br>
10. specialize in 专营 <br>
11. on the bases of equality and mutual benefit 在平等互利的基础上 <br>
12. pamphlet 小册子 <br>
13. a range of 一套 <br>
14. make offers 报价 <br>
15. import and export corporation 进出口公司 <br>
16. silk 丝绸 <br>
17. cotton piece goods 棉布 <br>
18. blouse 女衬衫 <br>
19. be of the latest style 最新式样 <br>
20. financial position 财务状况 <br>
21. trade reputation 贸易声誉 <br>
22. on display 展出 <br>
23. woolen knitwear 毛织品 <br>
24. garment 服装 <br>
25. meet with great favor 受欢迎 <br>
26. credit standing 信用地位 <br>
27. state-operated 国营的 <br>
28. currency, Chinese currency, British currency 货币,中国货币,英国货币 <br>
29. investment 投资 <br>
30. a long-term investment 长期投资 <br>
31. a profitable investment 有利可得的投资 <br>
32. a safe and sure investment 安全可靠的投资 <br>
33. a heavy investment 巨额投资 <br>
34. investment intent 投资意向 <br>
35. investment partner 投资伙伴 <br>
36. direct investment 直接投资 <br>
37. investment environment 投资环境 <br>
38. investor 投资者 <br>
39. enterprise 企业 <br>
40. joint venture enterprise 合资企业 <br>
41. cooperative enterprise 合作企业 <br>
42. exclusively foreign-owned enterprise 外商独资企业 <br>
43. state-owned enterprise 国营企业 <br>
44. collectively-owned enterprise 集体企业 <br>
45. individually owned enterprise 个体企业 <br>
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